Q & A

What does it cost?

My fee ranges from $12 to $18 per meal per person plus the cost of the food.  I define “meal” as a nutritionally complete combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, but that’s up to you.  Appetizers and Desserts are usually extra.  So most meals are less than what you’d expect to pay in an average restaurant.

The fee range will depend on the style of foods you want and the amount of time I will spend preparing them.  For instance, preparing marinated meats to be grilled and simple side dishes would be less than a dish that requires long cooking times, stocks made from scratch, several components, or special garnishes.  The food cost will depend on what you want me to buy.  I can shop for the best value, or for the fanciest ingredients.  So 20 meals (4 family members X 5 days) @ $15/meal + $180 grocery bill is only $480!

When would you cook for us?

I typically cook once a week on a day that we agree to.  I do the grocery shopping for the selected menu, then come to your home kitchen and do the cooking while you’re off to work.  The food is packaged and labelled in the way that is best for you, including any preparation or heating instructions that you need.  I can also prepare foods to be frozen for future use.  Some clients only require 1 or 2 cooking days a month and finish off frozen entrees as they desire.

Do you prepare other meals besides dinner?

Of course!  Most clients only need dinner, but I also can prepare breakfast and lunch for office staff or folks confined to their homes that can not cook.  I can also prepare Appetizers and special meals for special occasions, including cakes, etc.

What’s the difference between a Personal Chef and a Caterer?

A Personal Chef provides the service of shopping and cooking in the privacy of your own home for you to warm or finish at your convenience.  A Caterer prepares food in a commercial kitchen and delivers the food and other services to you at the time you need them.