3 Best Zodiac Sign Horoscopes October 22, 2023

Courage is not the lack of fear. It's the ability to do what must be done despite those fears.  

The energy today, on October 22, 2023, is here to remind us of this important distinction. While three zodiac signs will benefit the most from this influence 

Mars in Scorpio square Moon in Aquarius is the main astrological energy today. It reminds us that for every step you take 

Moon in Aquarius is also here to expound on the wisdom of standing a little apart from the crowd even when one is firmly in the middle of it.  

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Cancer, you can do no wrong today. The cosmic forces have got your back and then some. So, rely on yourself and have faith in your abilities as you go through the day.  

Scorpio, we are getting really close to Scorpio season. But, luckily, the cosmic forces have chosen to align in your favor prematurely. 

Pisces, today will be a simple and sweet day for you. It may even be laid-back and absolutely peaceful. 

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