8 Side Effects of eating cereal

This process makes the grains softer, more uniform, and easier to mold into consistent shapes.  

Eating something with higher fiber (and fat) content before endurance or high-impact exercise can result in digestive discomfort 

Cereals get a bad rap because they're often loaded with sugar. "When you consume a sugary cereal, the sugar and refined grain 

Many cereals are low in fiber and protein, and if the box you pour doesn't contain enough of these satiating nutrients 

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"These components all take a little more work for the stomach to break down, meaning they continue to promote fullness for much longer compared to something containing refined grains 

Most traditional cereals are primarily from refined grains and sugars, which are naturally low in protein. 

Overeating sugary cereals not only leads to increased calorie consumption but also to excessive sugar intake, which has been linked to various health  

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