8 Underrated Dog Breeds Deserve Love

Portuguese Waterdogs They appear and act like doodles, but many say they make excellent family dogs.

Whippets can be lethargic despite their slim, athletic appearance. One dog parent calls Whippets “King of the dog park; king of the couch.” 

Many Greyhound and Whippet temperaments are similar since they are sighthounds. These dogs play and relax. 

Eurasiers are sweet and fluffy. These canines are Husky breeds for folks who don't want the drama and upkeep. 

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American Eskimo Dogs are for people who like Samoyeds but don't want the size or upkeep. Hidden gem dogs are fluffy white clouds with smarts

Coonhounds were bred to hunt, but they make terrific pets for any activity. They enjoy hiking, running, jogging, and playing. 

Rough and Smooth Collies are underestimated by dog owners and enthusiasts. These herding dogs make terrific family dogs. 

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