Dog Breeds That Are Unique And Will Win Your Heart

The indigenous people of Malaysia created these hunting dogs to ward off pests like rats and snakes.

One of the world's rarest breeds is the New Guinea singing dog.

With its uniquely delicate, cat-like walk, the sub-Saharan African awakh puts that idea to the test.

The Norwegian lundehund is also extraordinarily flexible; they can touch their back with their head tilted straight back.

One of only three dog breeds, the Thai Ridgeback, has a ridge of hairs on its back that runs in the opposite direction.

The Peruvian Inca orchid has a spiky mohawk between its ears but is otherwise equally barren.

The crested Chinese dog. Their name comes from the distinctive furry crest that flows from the top of their head, as well as the tufts of fur on their paws and tail. 

The Catalburun is kind and loving around kids and adults, but can be hostile toward other dogs and strangers.

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