Four Signs of the Zodiac Experience Increased Tension in July

Aries, your spontaneity can backfire. Neglecting consequences can lead to trouble. Decisions matter.

.  Aries You could get lost if you're not careful. Moving forward, slow down and think over your decisions because it would take less time to think things through now than to fix the difficulties afterwards.

Virgo Success drives you, Virgo. You want to be smartest in the room. You want everything. Perfectionism can backfire. Rejection can make you postpone. 

virgo You keep promising to do something tomorrow, but it never happens and your tasks pile up

Libra, you're a peacemaker. Never depress the room. You're a people-pleaser who avoids conflict to keep everyone happy, yet this can stress you out. 

 Libra If you don't want problems to escalate, pledge yourself to address them sooner. So you can avoid tension like this month.

Gemini, you worry about making the wrong decision. Avoid regrets. If you wait too long to decide, you may miss both chances

 Gemini Have faith. Trust yourself. Trust yourself more—your uncertainties are the only thing stopping you from making a decision and adhering to it.

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