From most to least fashionable, the zodiac signs

Your zodiac sign can help you determine your fashion style if you're unsure.

Your birthday determines your zodiac sign. Each sign's personality affects their loves, dislikes, behavior, and fashion.

Fashion is subjective, but some zodiac signs were born to rule the fashion world. Others don't prioritize fashion. 

This zodiac sign, ruled by the sun, never fails to impress with their latest fashions, making them the most fashionable.

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Leos like to stand out with bright colors, extravagant arrangements, and daring prints, just like their personalities.

For attention, Leos like elegant, high-end clothing. They'll pay more to stand out because they love glitter, fine fabric, and intricate details.

he world is Leo's runway. Beware of Leos' effortless style—they put a lot of effort and planning into their outfits. 

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