If the Cowboys spend in free agency, consider these 3 players.

After Tony Pollard's disappointing season as lead back, running back is a huge need this year.

. Using Dak Prescott and the passing game to make up for a struggling running game made the offense one-dimensional.

If the Cowboys had a more efficient running back who could physically dominate the defense, they might have won a few games last season. 

Henry's age hinders him. Next season, he will be 30, when running back production typically drops significantly. 

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Since his 2020 2,000-yard season, his production has dropped each year.

Linebackers are another key position to fill. The Cowboys will likely draft linebackers, but they are still short-handed.

While Markquese Bell is best as a nickel linebacker, the team needs more early down off-ball linebackers.

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