Midterm 2024 NHL Draft Rankings: First Round Prediction

Which means 2024 NHL draft rankings are due. Mack Celebrini of Boston University is the clear leader.

 some talent hawks consider a large group behind him interchangeable. 

The biggest X-factor will be USHL star Trevor Connelly, who has scouts waffling over off-ice issues. 

Connelly's top-10 talent makes his draft slot the hardest to predict.But I must rank, so here's my first-round draft midterm ranking:

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Mack Celebrini, C, Boston University (NCAA): Canada's world junior standout. Celebrini is talented, competitive, and smart..

Despite being young, the Terriers' freshman terror has been an NCAA leader in scoring.

The Silayev potential is too great to ignore. A 6-foot-7 defenseman who skates and plays offense.

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