Top Chef John Recipes ever saved

Chef John's main courses have won over our community the most, despite his many Food Wishes recipes

Our users have saved five dinner recipes more than any other, and they're all easy, family-friendly, and impressive.

Chef John's chicken piccata is a weeknight wonder that takes 25 minutes to make, hence the name “quick.” 

This hearty, flavorful casserole is a Southern potluck favorite, perfect for a big family meal. 

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 The 9x13 dinner uses pantry staples like premade soup and canned veggies, making it affordable and easy.

Chef John's Italian meatballs are made with a hearty half-beef, half-pork mixture and skip pan frying for less mess. 

User HPYCMPR said, “Terrific meatballs.” “Chef John, another great one!”

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