Top Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Basset hounds were bred to hunt small game and still do. If cared for, they make great, low-maintenance pets.

Easy to relax on walks because they're so adaptable. Avoid this bad habit or your basset hound may gain weight and get sick. 

Still, they're one of the best medium-sized breeds for apartment living, and most novice dog owners can train them easily. 

Shih Tzu means little lion, but only refers to this tiny dog's appearance. 

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Their rounded faces and full ears resemble lions' manes, but that's it. Shih Tzus are very docile.

If their people are around, they're happy. Although they're best as companion pets, some owners are training them for agility. 

 Cavalier King Charles spaniels were bred for companionship, so expect them to always be by your side.

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