Vintage 1970s Recipes Worth Trying Today

One of my childhood favorites was my mom's pineapple and green pepper cheese ball. Now I make it, and it's always popular. 

My mother makes this beautiful salad for Christmas dinner. Choose different flavors to create color combinations for holidays or other events. 

They say a man's stomach leads to his heart. For dinner with that special guy, I like to cook something great. 

This cherry-crowned chocolate cake with cream filling will turn heads. Doris Grotz, York, Nebraska

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Sweet onions, bacon, and cheese fill this buttery, rustic quiche. This quiche Lorraine is the best.

I use ground beef instead of lamb in moussaka. The recipe seems complicated, but preparing one step while working on another saves time. 

 The tender, not-too-sweet cake and unexpected pecan filling impress. Linda Van Holland, Innisfail, Alberta

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