Zodiac Sign Loyalty: Backstabbers or Companions

Every zodiac sign has both good and bad traits, from Aries' impulsivity to Pisces' dreaminess.

Exploring the mystical and often confusing world of astrology often reveals a variety of personality descriptors that can illuminate our inner selves and those around us. 

Astrology is mostly a pseudoscience, but millions check their horoscopes. Fans love its occasional pinpoint accuracy, while skeptics shudder.

Whether you believe or not, astrology offers exciting stories, character breakdowns, and a new perspective on human behavior. 

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 The pattern is lovely, with symmetry that seems too precise to be chance. Remember, the stars twinkle but don't guide us.

Twelve signs with distinct personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. For each zodiac sign, we'll briefly explain what makes them tick. 

which radiates to the world, while your moon and rising signs conceal your inner and social selves.

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