4 Zodiacs Who Need More Self-Esteem This Week

Sagittarius, you're trying something new or returning after a long absence. First attempts are difficult. Exercise hurts.

sagittarius Take a deep breath and realize that your best effort today is much better than not attempting. 

Libra This week is the time to stop trivializing an activity that requires multiple skills, Libra.

 libra You're doing so much to look after yourself, and it's all vitally necessary. You are making a personal appearance. By doing so, you're showing that you value yourself highly. 

Virgo, you're going crazy since you aren't getting the recognition you deserve. 

Virgo The perfectionist in you craves praise from others, but maybe you should reconsider where you're getting your drive. What exactly are you looking for?

Capricorn, you have enough pride in yourself to do things your own way even though you know they aren't the best way.

capricorn To go about life as you do, oblivious to the opinions of others and concerned only with what you need and what you want for yourself. Don't discount its significance too lightly.

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