Best dog breeds that enjoy challengesBest dog breeds that enjoy challengesBest dog breeds that enjoy challenges

Most dogs are smart, but the smartest ones can learn new orders, routines, and duties.

Although some breeds are smarter than others, all dogs are different.

Ragdoll cats are big and friendly. They are gentle giants that make great family pets, especially if you have kids.

German Shepherds, the second most popular dog in the US, are smart, courageous, and confident.

Papillons, like the Chorkie, weigh 5-10lbs. Though little, the Papillion is one of the smartest dogs.

Sweet, affectionate, and always in good spirits, Labrador Retrievers thrive in families with lots of people to love.

Poodles aren't all style and no substance, despite their curly and attractive coats.

Dobermans are courageous and powerful. Dobermans barkingly led soldiers into uncharted territory during WWII.

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