Cat-Friendly Dogs

Keeshonds are an underrated breed. These fluffy canines are friendly with everyone, including cats. Keeshonden are kind and obedient

Gentle Giants are Newfoundlands. Despite their size difference, this calm breed gets well with cats. 

Maltese are fantastic tiny cat-friendly dogs. Maltese are smart and playful. Most top out at 7 pounds

Golden Retrievers love cats, too. Therapy and service dogs employ goldens because they're patient and sympathetic. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are cat-friendly and easygoing.

 Golden Retrievers love cats ,Cats love snuggling in their long, luxurious fur.

The Papillon is the cat of dogs. Thus, cats love them. Papillons are smart, confident canines who prefer to cuddle with cats or people

The Pug is our #1 cat-friendly dog breed. Pugs love cats, other dogs, youngsters, and small pets. Charming and goofy, they rarely bite. 

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