Like Big Dogs? You'll Love These Puppies.

Some like big dogs. Big canines' majesty has charmed dog lovers for decades. 

Like other dogs, they start as cute, lovable puppies. These huge dog breeds' images will warm your heart.

Though attractive, larger dog breeds shouldn't be treated like other puppies.

Saint Bernards don't understand personal space. Not pups or adults.

Saint Bernard Puppies Playful, engaging, curious. Height: 12-15" (puppy), 28-30" (adult) Height: 12-15" (puppy), 28-30" (adult) Lifespan: 8-10 years

English Mastiffs, the world's largest breed, can weigh over 200 pounds as adults.

English Mastiff Puppies Courageous, dignified, good-natured. Height: 12-15 inches (puppy), 27+ inches (adult). Puppy: 29-33 pounds, adult: 160-230 pounds Lifespan: 6-10 years

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