Dogs with the Shortest Lives

French Mastiff / Dogue de BordeauxOnly five to eight years is the average lifespan for a Dogue de Bordeaux

making it the breed on our list with the shortest possible longevity. It is well known that the breed has a rough start

having a greater miscarriage rate than the majority of other dog breeds even before they reach adulthood.

And a staggering 27 percent of women deliver their babies via cesarean section.

Additionally, because of the breed's brachycephalic (wide and short-skulled) face, they have an initial disadvantage when it comes to their ability to breathe.

They are unable to tolerate hot conditions, and the strain that their laborious breathing places on their cardiovascular system makes it much more difficult for them to maintain good health.

The life expectancy of one of these gentle giants is between six and eight years on average

Their lifespan is rather short. The most significant health concern associated with this breed is bloat, a condition that can be fatal for the dog since

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