Horoscopes by Linda C. Black for July 19

birthday (07/19/23). Teamwork works this year. Consistent research pays off.

Before winter snows change your social scene, gather at home in autumn. For springtime blooming and professional success, remodel your home.

Aries --Be lighthearted. Enjoy your hobbies. Expect surprises. Love powers you. Tell your sweetheart.

Taurus --Communication can help families and homes recover from unexpected events. Listening matters more than speaking. Explain slowly.

Gemini  Your passion stirs your eloquence. Superpower: words. Take care. Find intellectual puzzle hints.

Cancer abounds. However, appearances may deceive. Be patient. Listen carefully for an advantage.

Virgo --6 today— Prepare in peace. Keep calm. Arrange schedules. Spiritual or philosophical mysterie

Step 8—Chill the cheesecake pan overnight in saran wrap. Cut squares. Add Oreos. Keep cold. Enjoy!

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