Horrible American Foods

Cold-pressed juices may be healthier than soda, but they might have more sugar and calories than Coke

Processed yogurt hides preservatives, added sugars, and artificial sweeteners. Even full-fat versions have high saturated fat and cholesterol.

Plant-based milk can contain nutrients, but it should be consumed sparingly. Many have additional sugars and less protein than dairy.

Due to their high protein content, many fitness regimes overconsume egg whites

Bananas, a healthful snack, are sugary and low in protein and fat. They are part of a balanced diet, however eating them alone can cause imbalances.

Low-fat butters contain sugars, chemicals, and additions to make up for their lower fat content. Avoid these for a balanced diet.

Brown rice is nutritious, but too much might be harmful. Overindulgence, high in calories, carbs, and arsenic, may raise obesity and type 2 diabetes risk.

Bulletproof Coffee's high-fat content makes it a contentious health food. It boosts energy, but too much might lead to a high-fat diet.

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