Most Enduring Dog Breeds

Labrador Retrievers rule popularity and devotion. These smart, sociable dogs have topped the charts for decades.

Golden Retrievers have won over dog lovers with their soft coats and friendly nature. 

German Shepherds are brave, smart, and faithful defenders. Their keen instincts and trainability make them ideal working dogs,

Beagles win hearts with their soulful gaze and wagging tails. Their curiosity and mischief make them entertaining companions for families and singles.

Bulldogs' wrinkled faces and stocky bodies hide their endearing charm. Despite their strong appearance, Bulldogs are expert couch potatoes and love to relax. 

Poodles are more than their gorgeous haircuts. Poodles are smart and hypoallergenic, making them good sports dogs.

Dachshunds prove that small things may be good. These autonomous dogs, originally bred for hunting, keep life interesting.

Boxers brighten any space with their limitless energy and enthusiasm. Their protective instincts and playful disposition make them great playmates for children.

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