These 4 Zodiac Signs Should Avoid Water Signs From July 17-23.

Aries the water signs in your life will put out your fire if you spend too much time with them. 

Aries You might have a good time and feel spec Aries  Next week, all of your water-sign friends and family members will be available as beforeial for a little while, but it doesn't guarantee they'll meet all your needs

Virgo You're emotional. People underestimate your emotional depth. You don't follow your emotions. 

  Virgo Work on assignments this week instead of drama. Everyone needs a break, even from people.

Scorpio You may be a water sign, but unlike Cancer and Pisces, you'd rather not discuss your sentiments. 

 Scorpio you want to keep a secret this week, you should avoid talking to other water signs.

Aquarius If you want a relationship, Aquarius, you'll never prioritize it over your ow Aquarius  You should avoid water signs this week, along with fire signsn needs.

Aquarius Contrary to popular belief, Aquariuses are not water signs

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